On this page you will find a variety of documents that might be of interest to BVTA members and to the traditional archery fraternity in general. Each link below will indicate the name/nature of the document and its publication date. There are so many interesting articles and documents available that visitors to the Library can expect to find a very diverse array of resources. If you would like to share feedback about any of the resources in the library, please send a concise critique, along with a score or rating out of 10 to remembering to include the title of the resource you are critiquing.

Also under the Library menu, you will find a number of submenus containing video tutorials aimed at introducing visitors to new arts and skills. We hope you will feel free to drop in and ‘borrow’ from the Library on a regular basis.  More importantly, we hope you will drop us a line to suggest resources that you believe our Library should keep on its ‘shelves’.  The address you should send your suggestions (links or documents) to is

Event Flyers and details (will be removed after event)

Bega Valley Archers

Bega Valley Archers Membership Form

Federation of International Target Archery (FITA)

FITA Outdoor Taget Archery Rules


The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle – Translation by Rev. James Ingram (London 1823)

Law and Legislation

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act NSW 1979 (current at 2010)

National Privacy Guidelines (Australian Sports Commission)

Children and Young Persons Protection Act 1998 (NSW)

NSW Crown Lands Regulation 2000

Weapons and Firearms Legislation Amendment Bill 2010

Weapons Prohibition Act 1998

NSW Police Minister re Archery in Public Spaces

Archery in public spaces, Firearms Registry NSW

Department of Primary Industry (NSW)

Hunter Education Handbook

Incorporating your club (NSW Fair Trading)

Model Constitution (Incorporations Act 2009 compliant)


Tree Stand Safety 15 Minute online course (US)

Model Sporting Club Constitution template

Selecting the Correct Hunting Shaft

Traditional Knowledge and the Use of “Black Beeswax” Among the Yuquí of the Bolivian Amazon

Shooting Flight – getting the best out of your equipment

The Society Society for Creative Anachronism Illawarra – an overview