2017 Members Letter

Inc No. 1400344

TAA Members



The National Committee would like to thank all members for their continued support.


Over the years there have been many attempts to get a Traditional Archery Association up and running in Australia, all have failed never quite achieving their goals, and are now just memories.


In the last three years Traditional Archery Australia has made great progress with many great achievements. We have become incorporated, gained National recognition through the Archery Alliance of Australia, with a representative on its Board. We also have a representative on the board of the Australian Archery Hall of Fame.


TAA’s Committee is made up of members with many years of experience in their field covering all aspects of Archery. We now have representatives in all states of Australia including Western Australia and Tasmania.


Traditional Archery Australia’s objectives are to “Promote and Protect Traditional Archery in all Forms”, Target, Field and Bowhunting. We are committed to providing numerous services to our members and member clubs. These include recognition of the contribution of our own Traditional Archery Heroes and Legends through the Australian Hall of Fame and our own Traditional Archery Australia Medal.


We have constantly asked our members how they wish us to proceed and what direction we are to take on their behalf. Our management committee have achieved all that has been asked of it to date. The following achievements have been reached: the introduction of the TAA Medal, insurances for TAA affiliated clubs and members with the same coverage as other Archery Alliance members. We have started Bow-making workshops and reintroduced the Arrow Craftsmanship Awards, we have also organised and successfully run our first National Traditional Archery Muster. We now have National Champions in traditional archery.


TAA was not created to govern, run or control members, or their Clubs, we do not run Trad Shoots other than the TAA National Muster and maybe down the track TAA State Musters.


Traditional Archery Australia is an association for all Traditional Archers, no matter what setup they use, this is up to the individual. We have created equipment guidelines and that is what they are guidelines, they are merely an aid for the clubs that wish to use them. The clubs running Trad Shoots make the rules not TAA.

As your National President I wanted to make sure that each and every member receives this correspondence and you understand that your committee are working hard to support our clubs and members. We currently have five TAA clubs with another three clubs indicating that they intend to join TAA within the next few months.

Please feel free to contact me directly via my email address listed on our website or via “Contact Us” on our website. I look forward to building a more personal relationship with you to protect and develop our fantastic activity of Traditional Archery.

Keith Speight