Bega Valley Archers Inc. is a Department of Primary Industries, Approved Hunting Organisation

For the convenience of its membership, BVA inc., has acquired AHO status through the NSW Department of Primary Industries.  While not primarily a hunting club, we have taken this step to ensure the highest possible ethical hunting standards are maintained among those club members who may choose to undertake responsible hunting activities.

Members are reminded of the need to abide by NSW Hunting regulations at all times. Failure to do so my result in the Committee instigating disciplinary proceedings.

Bega Valley Archers Inc’s Hunter LEAP provider number is: 12421

The club’s LEAP Trainer is Garry Mallard, Secretary, Accredited LEAP Trainer number 12421-1

For further information email

Please remember that safety, in particular the need to positively identify your target, is paramount.

Of equal importance is the need to ensure your target is within range and also within your capacity to effect a swift end.

It is vitally important also, to remember it is illegal in NSW to take any native animal with the bow & arrow.