Bega Valley Archers Overview & Membership

Who are we? 

Bega Valley Archers (BVA) formally known as Bega Valley Traditional Archers Inc., is a not-for-profit sporting club that has operated in the Bega Valley (NSW) since 2004.

Our aims

Bega Valley Archers Inc aims to participate in, to preserve and to promote the ancient art of Archery in its various styles, and its associated crafts and skills.  We strive to do this through responsible participation in our sport, through education & training, skills-sharing and through participation in local, regional, state and national competition.

Some of our members at Wiseman’s Ferry shoot

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Who can join our club?

Often referred to as “the family sport”, archery truly is a sport for everyone. BVA encourages men and women of all ages, and boys and girls 12 and over, to try their hand at our sport.

Though there may be some aspects of field archery; mainly those relating to rough natural terrains, which may limit participation somewhat, people of all ages and levels of ability will also find enjoyment in archery.

Young Sam at our Seniors day

Perhaps one of archery’s greatest attributes is its appeal to youth, in particular, the ‘loner’ or youth who is not attracted to the traditional team sports.

In most communities, team sports – football, cricket, soccer, hockey, basketball, netball etc., – are amply catered to.  But for the youth who longs to excel as an individual, there are few sports or athletic options available and such kids all too frequently become captives of the computer and social media.

Socially marginalised and often obese, these kids are part of a growing national youth health crisis that we must find innovative ways to addressed.

Archery is a sport of positive individual role-models and therefore an ideal sport for the loner.  Skills can be honed on a target range and in local field shoots out in the sunshine and open air, until the archer is confident enough to compete in inter-club, State, National or even International levels.

Archery in the traditional style, using modern recurve bows, is an Olympic sport and in April 2011 Wagga Wagga hosted the World Target Championships.

Archery is a sport where setup costs are relatively low. Just the same, our club owns a number of bows and other equipment that potential new members can use while they decide if they wish to pursue the sport.  Those who wish to purchase their own gear will find that a beginners’ bow may be purchased for as little as $250.  Add to this the cost of some arrows and essential safety equipment e.g. a glove and a wrist guard, and the new archer can be kitted-out for around $350; less than the cost of that Playstation and a much healthier investment too.

Our Future

In late 2016 Bega Valley Archers moved to the facilities at Colombo Park, Bemboka as our permanent home. The Club will meet here on the 2nd & 4th Sunday’s of each month and given the improved conditions, which include an ablutions block and scope for camping, we hope also to hold a number of special events and inter-club events each year.

youth week

If you are interested in joining Bega Valley Archers Inc., or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact James Murray : Phone: 02 6493 0415 Mobile: 0459 930 415 or Email:


Safety is of paramount importance to our Club and we aim to maintain our present unblemished safety record.  The BVA is insured through affiliation with its peak body, Traditional Archery Australia (TAA)

BVTA Range Marshals are on duty whenever the range is open. First aid equipment is on hand at all times and at least two members of the BVA hold a current first aid certificates.

Last updated Sept, 2019