Bega Valley Archers 2020 Discussion Paper

Greetings All,

We need to review the way we operate the Bega Valley Archery Club for 2020. What follows are the issue for comment and discussion.

1. There are not many members turning up for club shoots. The last two club shoots have only attracted 3 people. Why is this? This is putting a lot of effort on to the few members active in setting up and providing the club gear.

How do members feel about only shooting once a month? It has been suggested that if we go once a month that the third (3rd) Sunday of the month would be good. Comments?? If we go to once a month, it is proposed that the club shoots would be more structured event. Perhaps there could be a practice period followed by a scoring event. This would serve to allow improvement to by recorded and problem technique areas targeted. Comments??

2. The committee has been discussing a three club challenge event with the Shoalhaven City Archers and the South Coast Archers. The format is still being formalised. By moving our shoot day to third Sunday this will allow us and the other clubs to travel to each other’s events. Interested?? Comments??

3. Several of our club members wish to travel to Traditional Archery events further afield in 2020. This will mean that other members may need to step up to run the club shoots. Can you help??

4. The Asian and Matchplay events have not attracted archers from other clubs, so the committee has decided to withdraw these events from the Trad Calendar. It is proposed that we will try a “Traditional Event” in 2020 incorporating some Asian targets as well as the usual trad events. APRIL 2020??? Your thought / comments??

5. Bega Valley Archers received a $5000 grant for the lodgement of a Development application and the preparation of plans for the new storage shed. This is a work in progress and is dependent on a major grant for the construction. Comments ??

The Archery Club committee needs your feedback and comments on these issues so that we can plan the 2020 program. Please respond by email by 10th November so we can discuss further at our next club shoot.

James Murray President – Bega Valley Archers