“Asian Experience Traditional Shoot”

Bega Valley Archers held a Traditional Archery event with an Asian Theme on the weekend of 18-19th August 2018. The event attracted a small but quality number of archers keen to try out various Asian forms of archery. Numbers were down due to the adverse weather conditions and the fires surrounding Bemboka.

On Saturday the archers competed in Indonesian, Japanese, Turkish and Mongolian styles of archery with varying levels of success. Sunday bought more wind and got very cold but the archers carried on competing in Bhutanese and Korean styles of archery.

A majority of the entries were archers from the Maydaan Archery club from Sydney. They kindly supplied a traditional Turkish archery target called a “puta” that is usually shot at 70 metres but this time at 50 metres. This target proved a real challenge in the blustery wind conditions. We were very pleased to have the Maydaan Club join us for the event. They are a fun group to shoot with!

The event will be on again next year and it is hoped that more traditional archers will join us to try these unique styles of traditional archery.

The next open event will be a “European Match Play” style event, date to be confirmed.